NO TALENT STUDIO in collaboration with Dena Tabari

03/11 16:00  —  20/11/22 22:00

In collaboration with Dena Tabari, NO TALENT STUDIO uses the window front of the spce Muthesius as a political platform, as a call for solidarity with the current struggle in Iran for freedom, equality and human rights beyond state-religiously motivated encroachments. The protest is led mainly by courageous women, for autonomy over their bodies, their social visibility and self-determination.

TO BE ALLOWED TO DANCE IN THE STREETS in large letters, accompanied by a Persian inscription which, translated into German, throws the words WOMEN LIFE FREEDOM at the viewer. The specific context is immediately conveyed here by the choice of words: from a passage from the song 'Baraye' by Shervin Hajipour, which conveys like no other the emotions of decades of oppression of minorities and dissenters, to the battle cry of the movement, which is chanted on the streets of Iran and now worldwide.

These words are living proof of the power inherent in language, of the violence words can unleash when opinions are freely expressed. They are transferable to all forms of restrictions on personal and social freedom They convey not only the question of legitimacy but also a feeling of physical liberation and of overcoming existing restrictions in the act of dancing, and even more so of dancing in public, free from fear of repression.

TO BE ALLOWED TO DANCE IN THE STREETS reads as a metaphor for joie de vivre, of community, of protection and security despite and perhaps precisely because of maximum visibility, in the deep hope of living up to this claim as a society.

Calligraphy: Dena Tabari
Concept and design: No Talent Studio
Special thanks to Navid, Farzaneh and Dena

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