Linda Ebert - A Long Journey Into Darkness

13/04 14:00  —  29/04/23 18:00

The outcome of Linda Ebert's project "A Long Journey Into Darkness" goes back to the existential questions of our time: Why is there a lack of awareness among large parts of a western privileged world of the devastating global effects of climate change? What would a post-terrestrial and post-capitalist habitat look like? Can't the peak of the global crisis also be seen as an opportunity?

The project includes a multi-part painting and a publication in which Ebert imagines a post-apocalyptic world and examines the resulting habitat of a space station in outer space.

The painting is composed of ground plans and outlines of buildings, landmarks and urban structures of the lost civilizations on Earth. Ebert uses the legacies of human culture for the construction of the space station to provide orientation points in exile, in a life situation that is primarily characterised by fear and danger. The accompanying publication contains short stories that tell of life on the space stations and which reflect on our present. The paintings and short stories are mutually dependent.

Black is of essential importance in Linda Ebert's work. It stands for stillness, clarity and new beginnings in the belief that something new can only emerge from darkness. On closer inspection, the dystopian character stands for the moment of a new beginning. The planet perishes and humanity finds refuge in the eternal black of space. In this darkness, survivors create a new life for themselves. The dystopia ends with the arrival on the space stations, and a reinterpretation from negative to positive takes place. The project tells of a non-planetary and utopian existence of humankind in a supposedly hostile, never-ending shadow. It offers a way of addressing the current global ecological and cultural crisis. By imagining and visualising post-apocalyptic habitats, in which people develop completely new forms of existence, a rethinking and new thinking in relation to the present can also be initiated. It is not least about the questions of how, and in which world, we want to live.

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