Frontal View


spce Muthesius has a large, representative, inviting and prominent window front, stretching more than 15 metres, in the middle of downtown Kiel. A striking feature are the two round windows flanking a recessed entrance.

Based on an OPEN CALL, which is open to all students and alumni of the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, the window front will be temporarily taken over. In the literal sense, it becomes a presentation space, in the figurative sense, an opportunity for self-reflection, for dealing with questions of representation and contextualisation within the regional and international cultural landscape.

We welcome presentations of all kinds, from free art projects to presentations of innovative developments in industrial design, spatial strategy/scenography or typographic design.

Please send your application, taking into account technical feasibility, with the subject line 'Frontal View' to:

If you have any questions, please just contact the spce team at!

Events within this format:
Parade - Animationskurs 2023/24 05/03 — 10/03/24 105
Annemarie Jessen – Nackte Namen 18/05 — 04/06/23 58
Heiko Wommelsdorf – Schall-Mauer 04/05 — 04/06/23 52
NO TALENT STUDIO in collaboration with Dena Tabari 03/11 — 20/11/22 20
Paula Oltmann - Phantastic Landscapes 03/11 — 20/11/22 21
OPEN CALL Frontal View! 13/07 — 28/02/23 16
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