Sichtbar machen – werden – sein: in queer_feministischer Perspektive von Kunst und Design

08/06 14:00  —  10/06/23 14:00

Visibility is a key concept in the media-made world – being seen is an essential condition of art and design. Visibility is a struggle for publicity, for media, space, recognition, participation – for power.

The symposium, organized by Professor Christiane Kruse, Ileana Pascalau, Mona Behfeld and Sven Christian Schuch (Artistic Director spce | Muthesius), addresses the complex problem of visibility from the perspective of queer/feminist art and design. The topic will be dealt with in various formats: in lectures, (lecture) performances, film screenings, workshops in dialogue with presentations of works from art and design.

An event of the Forum for Interdisciplinary Studies, Muthesius Kunsthochschule.

Part of this event:
CUM AS YOU ARE by Hannah Schaich 08/06/23 55
CLAUDEHILDE – ARTIST AT WORK soziale Skulptur 09/06/23 54
DA SIND WIR* - beginning to imagine queer-feminist cities 10/06/23 63
Valeria Schwarz – Encounter with Another Camille 10/06/23 64
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