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Mustache Revolution: Laziness as a feminist and social exit strategy, a 2-hour (re)enactment performance

A guest performance by the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin

Laziness is the basis of all creative work, said conceptual artist Mladen Stilinović. That's why we don't have time for work anymore, just need to take a break to start the cultural change before the world ends and we all shoot each other down.

In the arts and culture sector, the gender pay gap is thirty percent. That's the equivalent of three months of laziness a year that women miss out on. In addition, we are constantly busy with self-optimization during supposed breaks, develop "erotic capital" in order to be competitive at all, and yet most of us remain stuck to the "glass ceiling".

With big mustaches, let's call for the lazy women's revolution! It's time for a new zero. CLAUDEHILDE

Performers: Margarita Breitkreiz & Julia Thurnau a.k.a. ClaudeHilde
Direction: Sabine Zielke
Costume: Linie Clara Kaesdorf, Profi-sorium
Assistant: Constanze Schüddekopf

Все мечтают о блаженстве лени. Alle träumen von der Glückseligkeit des Faulseins.
Everybody dreams oft he happyness of lazyness. (Kazimir Malevich)

Laziness is the absence of movement and thought, dumb time – total amnesia. It is also indifference, staring at nothing, non-activity, impotence. It is sheer stupidity, a time of pain, futile concentration. Those virtues of laziness are important factors in art. Knowing about laziness is not enough, it must be practised and perfected. (Mladen Stilinović)

Performerinnen: Margarita Breitkreiz & Julia Thurnau A.k.a ClaudeHilde
Leitung: Sabine Zielke
Kostüm: Linie Clara Kaesdorf, Profi-sorium
Assistenz: Constanze Schüddekopf

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