Opening Krawallmische mit DJ-Sets by Winterhalter und Pauletta

23/06 18:00  —  23/06/23 23:30

Winterhalter DJ Set

Winterhalter plays an eclectic mix of dance music. Funk meets wave, dance-punk meets electronica and disco meets Chicago house and suddenly you end up in the 90s. It's the music, stupid. There is an attempt to span a musical arc over the decades, to combine the old with the new and thereby create something unique. Winterhalter is the DJ project of the singer/songwriter of the Kiel indie bands Tetke and Contrapost. Experimental, familiar, kinetic.


PAULETTA (she/her) stands for a genre-fluid sound between electronic, progressive house, techno and trance. Seasoned with acidy highlights, it invites you to immerse yourself in a "Hypersonic Dream".

See you in space, cowgirl...

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