Krawallmische extd. by Alvar Bohrmann

24/06 14:00  —  08/07/23 18:00

Opening: Friday, 23. June, 6pm
Exhibition, processual wall drawing, concerts, kiosk, workshops +++

Opening times during the exhibition period:
Wed-Sat 2-6 p.m. (in addition to special events, see programme)

Krawallmische is a zine in the classic sense, a self-published magazine, autonomous and only published in a small edition. Krawallmische was initiated by Alvar Bohrmann, and five editions have already been published, bringing together more than 60 artists. Time for a first review with an exhibition of the original drawings, but of course it shouldn't stop there.

As part of the exhibition, spce will become a meeting place. The community that has been formed is invited to celebrate with a variety of events. In addition to concerts, merchandise, artist talks, launches and workshops, the focus is on a jointly produced wall drawing, which occupies the space as a process over the course of the project.

Part of this event:
Opening Krawallmische mit DJ-Sets by Winterhalter und Pauletta 23/06/23 74
Krawallmische Kiosk 24/06 — 27/06/23 66
Krawall Mischen & Unbehagen Pflegen: Elements of Care in der Kuration und Gestaltung eines Zines, mit Felisha Maria Carenage 26/06/23 68
How to sell Zines? 27/06/23 67
Schöne Ansichten – ein Lecture Workshop mit Ramona Kortyka & Eva Haupt 29/06/23 69
Bügeln und Weben – ein Workshop mit Miriam Hartung und Hanna Mohr 30/06/23 70
Krawallmische Tattoo Days 04/07/23 73
Krawallmische Tattoo Days_Part 2 06/07/23 75
Krawallmische Finissage mit Konzerten by Die Deutsche Post Punk / Furk + Müller/ matzen b2b lotta2000 08/07/23 72
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