Future Night Train

19/07 14:00  —  14/10/23 18:00

Future Night Train - an installation

Future Night Train shows the space of the future.
Highest technological level. High speed. Maximum comfort. For all.
Zero emission. Across Europe in one night .

Planning is a journey.
We will be accompanied. Are taken care of.
The world is passing us by. Forget the world around us.
Landscapes, real and virtual at the same time.
We find rest. We sleep.

The places of arrival appear in a different light.         

In no other type of travel are such a variety of magical experiences possible as on a night train.
The passing landscapes and cities in the transition from day to night to day.
The special structure of the sleeping compartments and the view outside.
The boundaries between decidedly private and social spaces.
The service of the train attendants. Breakfast before arrival.
The ability to actually sleep. The awareness of travelling with almost zero emissions.

The Future Night Train project takes the position of a maximum of quality experience for a future design of mobility for a progressive democratic society in the 21st century.

The journey on the night train is supposed to be a multi-layered sensory-physical experience, a different kind of travel that embodies a simple but truly highly complex possibility: deep sleep.

The exhibition atmospherically places the magic of traveling through the night in creative contexts and secretly awakens the desire to never want to travel any other way again.

The exhibition Future Night Train is a interdisciplinary project of the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design for the M.A. Majors in Spatial Strategies, Medical Design, Interface Design and Interactive Information Design in collaboration with spce | Muthesius.


Exhibition Design
Students M.A. Spatial Strategies (Prof. Manfred Schulz):
Roma-Nastasia Nebel, Tobias Pöpping, Weda-Josephine Poppinga, Svenja Schaller, Nicoline Schumacher, Anne Wegener

Industrial Design Train
Students M.A. Medical Design (Prof. Detlef Rhein):
Julius Bahl, Yiyin Mei, Giwon Min, Matthias Stütz

Interaction and Information Design
Students M.A. Interactive Information Design (Prof. Tom Duscherand M.A. Interface Design:
Veronika Martin, Jonas Veenhues, Yu-Chang Wu, Yang Yang

spce | Muthesius
Artistic Director Sven Christian Schuch

Team spce | Muthesius: Christian An, Dorothée Brübach, Santiago Insignares, Ana Kostova, Hans Noffke, Anders Prey, Janna Schnoor, Shi Shi, Maj-Brit Wussow

Graphic Design
Exhibition: Mialena Kneschke
Communication: Maj-Brit Wussow

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