Klangkulisse – The Sound of(f)...

18/05 14:00  —  03/06/23 18:00

Klangkulisse - The Sound of(f)... unites transdisciplinary artistic works and experimental arrangements from the different departments of the Muthesius University of Art and Design.

The exhibition focuses on the topic of sound and highlights the wealth of approaches to how it can be created, used artistically and become an integral part of any experience. How is sound an essential part of any form of communication? And what cognitive and sensory knowledge is contained in its ability to be experienced?

There is always the question of what is behind terms such as new media, virtual reality or sound art. How can technical possibilities be traced back to physical space? How do works of art materialize and become "sculptural"? How do they enter into a dialogue with their context, condition it and deform it, possibly point beyond it? How do they question and enable “new” experiences?

Adrian Herzig - Gestural Traces, 2022
Annemarie Jessen - Nackte Namen, 2023
Luisa Lukas – Modular Youth, 2022
Lea Maginski – Intrauterin, 2022
Emily Steiner - Hands-on Music, 2022
Heiko Wommelsdorf - Schall-Mauer, 2023
Du Zhang - Inside the Inside, 2022

Part of this event:
Kuratorenführung 03/06/23 57
Performances: Lea Maginski & Luisa Lukas 03/06/23 56
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