Booklaunch & Talk | Black Mountain College as Multiverse

13/12 19:00  —  13/12/22 20:30


The BMC, which existed in North Carolina in the USA from 1933-1957, developed and tested ideals of art education that are of particular interest for today's considerations of reforming higher education.

Interdisciplinary artistic training in the mutual penetration of theory and practice was groundbreaking. The teachers included well-known artists and scientists from Buckminster Fuller to John Cage to Charles Olson.

The symposium publication of the Muthesius Kunsthochschule is dedicated to this legendary university for the first time in two particular ways. One happening through Arnold Dreyblatt’s art project “PERFORMING the Black Mountain ARCHIVE”, in which students from European art academies were invited to reactivate through their artistic work, especially performative processes an archive Dreyblatt had created over decades about the Black Mountain College (in the sense of a "living archive").

The second way of thinking focuses on discursive conditions of the interdisciplinary experiment Black Mountain College. The democratic, reform pedagological and philosophical considerations of John Dewey, who understood “art as experience”, are at the center of its interdisciplinary considerations.

‘This publication is the first to examine the BMC’s educational model, its philosophical approaches and John Dewey’s philosophy of art with the aim of comprehensively understanding and reviving the BMC’s legacy in order to renew it in a participatory sense.’ (Kettler publishing hous

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