Anders Prey – Cheers

10/06 18:00  —  08/07/23 22:00

June’s theme in spce is community. What does it really mean, how can it be formed, what does it require?

Community is defined by time spent together, shared experiences and interests. Building a community requires work, and is characterised by constant connection and the creation of a space that enables encounters and exchanges.

The pandemic marked a turning point in this sense. Contact was regulated, making it much more difficult to get to know each other or experience unplanned free time, precisely those moments that are often decisive for deeper interpersonal relationships, partnerships, friendships and social skills.

The bar counter as a place to which everyone has access, where one is welcomed, where people can have a drink together (even if lonely), where encounters occur, becomes the basic artistic principle for Anders Prey’s installation Cheers. Staged centrally as a social sculpture, a space full of potential is created around it. Visible from the outside, it can be activated repeatedly, used as a bar at events, and is constantly opened up.

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